Radio Courses

Radio Courses

Training Courses

We offer short training courses (usually 1-2 hours) to show your staff and volunteers the best way to use two-way radios (walkie talkies)

When radios are used for your venue or event showground they are an invaluable asset for organising, coordinating the safe running of your event.

They do make your life much easier, being able to call on the radio to multiple radios rather than one person on a phone.

The radios work best with some basic training, which we can provide in the Kent area. This course can be delivered to your staff and volunteers before any medium to large event.

The Course includes:

  • The use of the radio (it's not like a mobile phone!)
  • The importance of leaving gaps between each 'over'
  • Radio users language
  • Radio alphabet to spell out words
  • Radio usage and tips
  • Emergency procedures
  • How to care for the radios
  • A look of the radios and try them out

If you are interested in the course we offer, Please email is

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