Church Streaming Service

Church Streaming Service

Church Streaming Services

As well as looking after church sound, we can also provide quality live streaming services, allowing everyone to see the service on PC, or mobile Devices.

If you are a church and would like us to look at your live streaming please contact us on 01303 641095.

We can provide installation services throughout Kent.


Case Study - Our Lady Help of Christians, Folkestone.

We have looked after the audio in the church for many years, and have worked with the church to provide the streaming of mass daily. The streaming of this church is provided by Church Services TV who host many Catholic church streams.
The service went live on the 24th March 2020 during coronavirus. Mass is streamed daily for locals, and everyone else anywhere in the World. The stream is also used for weddings and funerals. We can take care of the full installation, and maintenance and are always on hand to help. Please contact us if we can help your church.


Customer Comment

The March day when the Lockdown brought Church life (along with almost everything else in Britain) to a juddering halt, I realised to my horror that I had been landed with the nightmare task of broadcasting services from my parish. I was lost as to how to proceed. But I thought of the man who had been so amazingly helpful and competent with our once rickety sound system, and I thought . . . could I ask Matt, from Kent PA Hire? I gave him a ring - and within days, while churches around me were struggling to get out of a hole with Facebook or Zoom or other makeshift solutions, Matt had a camera installed, set up new broadband connection, a fixed contract with an internet streaming company that was understood what the Church was about; and above I had all total commitment and competence throughout from Matt Curtis and his colleague Barry. Result - three services a day, clear sound with crisp pictures, and easy access for my parishioners via their phone or laptop! And not only them, but an astonishing number of people across Britain and as far away as the South Pacific all taking part in Mass in our little south coast town! Thanks, Matt, for making it possible to get the Mass, the heartbeat of the Church, out from Our Lady Help of Christians and into the homes and hearts of locked-down and isolated Catholics in Folkestone and in so many other places!


Case Study - St Pauls Catholic Church Dover

We were asked for a streaming service to be installed at the church. The church already has an excellent sound system installed. The streaming of this church is done by Church Services TV who provide an excellent service.
The service went live on the 27th March 2020. Mass is streamed daily for locals, and everyone else anywhere in the World. The stream will also used for weddings and funerals. Music is played during the day and through the night.

The First picture below shows a nice view of the church. (Camera 1)

We can take care of the full installation, and maintenance and are always on hand to help. Please contact us if we can help your church. 01303 641095

 The picture below is another camera we have installed giving a close up view of the church altar. (Camera2)



Case Study - Our Lady of Good Counsel - Hythe, Kent

We were asked to provide streaming services simular to the other local catholic churches.
After a survey we selected a good quality camera to provide good quality video and audio stream. We worked to ensure a good quality internet service was installed to the church for the streaming, and also
for wifi in the church hall for presentations. The church sound system was also upgraded for better audio in the church, through the hearing loop, and also the feed to the streaming service.
The church service can also be viewed on a large screen in the church hall. We worked with the parish to ensure everything was in place for them.
This stream is provided by Church Services, providing an excellent quality streaming service.

If you are looking at streaming for your church, please get in touch, we can manage the entire project for you. We are based in Folkestone, and can supply installation and support for Kent Churches. Please contact us for a friendly local service. 01303 641095


Case Study - Our Lady of Gillingham Church, Kent

We were asked to provide a camera to be able to stream the service to the church hall, so it can be viewed on a projector and screen, with the option of streaming on the internet in the future. The stream could also be recorded on a laptop.

We selected a camera and suitable Lens and did a complete installation interfacing with the churches current sound system.

The image was made so that the 2 short throw projector images can be seen on the stream.

If you are looking to stream your church service into the church hall, or to everyone at home, we can offer support, and installation for you.


Case Study - St Thomas's of Canterbury

We were asked to install a streaming service so the services can be viewed on the church website.
We worked closely with the church team to ensure the installation was carried out at suitable times.
The parish already had suitable internet, we installed new cabling to interface with the church sound system, and added some additional equipment to ensure good audio on the internet stream.

Each parish is different, we have experience with different size churches, and suitable solutions.

Please give us a call if we can help at your Kent Church.

Below is a snapshot taken in the evening.


We have been working back at the church to install an additional camera to give a wide shot of the church.

Customer Comment

Thanks very much to you both for your hard work with getting our streaming working for us
Fr Anthony



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