Outdoor Sound

Outdoor Sound

Outdoor PA Hire and commentary box hire

We can provide outdoor public address systems for all kinds of events ranging from school fetes to regattas and sports days. We can provide PA systems to cover over a wide area, used mainly for voice announcements.

We also have our own commentary unit, which is fully equipped with public address and radio communications facilities. The unit has its own built in power supply or can be plugged into a 240v mains outlet.

We can also provide radio communication equipment for your staff and marshalls to communicate with each other and the PA Control.

Included in the control point is the communications control centre so we can easily keep in touch with event organisers and security staff etc throughout your event using two-way radios.

The organisers of events often only need a simple system to let the grand opening be heard, to give a commentary over the area and announce the results of the raffle.
The difficulty is that the sound needs to be heard the other side of the football field without annoying the local residents.

To suit all events, we provide systems with one or two microphones (wired or radio mics), a simple mixer system, a selection of horn speakers (all weather speakers) a tape/CD player/tuner/MP3, all the cables to connect and we can supply power to the system if needed.

It is important that we are brought into the planning early on for these events. This will ensure that we can provide the right service for you, often during the summer season, we have multiple events on the same weekend.

We can provide the most basic PA system ideal for small outside events:
2 or 4 horn speakers may be used to provide sound coverage of around 50m in each direction. This system comes complete with a microphone, CD player, and can be powered from a battery, or mains supply. This system is ideal for small events.

No two events are the same, we have a wide variety of equipment for both Public Address and communications, and work hard to ensure the equipment and service we provide is the correct service for you.

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