Kent PA Hire is very busy during the season providing public address and communications for equestrian events across Kent and East Sussex.

We can provide sound coverage over a wide area for your shows, including speakers far away for the horse box parking areas, as well as large quantities of radios on different channels. Headsets for commentary are also available.

We can also supply electronic scoring Laptops, and Wifi in our commentary boxes.

All systems have their own battery power supply and can be booked with or without a commentary unit.

We cover events across Kent and East Sussex, and many events at Bonfleur Cross Country Course.

As we often have multiple shows every week, please do book as early as possible.


Review from The East Kent Ride

We have used Kent PA radios for years and the service has always been outstanding. Our requirements have been met and we have repeatedly been pleased with the radios and ability to communicate. We have a very large event which is a sponsored ride, where horses and riders travel a 12 mile route on the Kent Downs. This leaves a very challenging venue with regards to communication. A lot of the places where jump judges or course stewards are you would not even get a mobile phone reception (i can hardly believe these places still exist) We had an injury one year and my arrival with a radio meant i could radio back to the secretary tent and ask them to call an ambulance which none of us could do at the scene due to no phone signal. This year we were delighted to try some new radios that Kent PA have introduced. They have revolutionised conversation (at least for us) as we were able to communicate with each other across vast fields and high hills and dense trees. This was hugely reassuring for us as organisers. They had clear signal, were easy to use and were very smart. Thank you for another great service and we are so excited about having more of a stewards with  long-range radios next year!


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