Funeral Services

Funeral Services

We understand that this is a difficult time and we ensure that we conduct ourselves not only with great professionalism and sensitivity but take one stress away with providing an expert audio and visual solution.

We have vast experience of providing sound systems to relay funeral services to the outside of the church or chapel. We provide all of the equipment needed so the service can be heard well outside the grounds. We can also provide CD / MP3 Playing facilities, as well recording facilities so friends and relations that cannot attend, can listen back to the service.

We can also provide 50" Screens in the church which can show images from a USB stick or Laptop. We can also provide projectors and screens.

As well as this we can also provide live streaming services of the funeral. see our Church Streaming page for details

We have worked with many funeral directors in the East Kent area.

We are based in Folkestone, and would be happy to help.

Funeral Service September 2016

We were asked to provide sound for a funeral near Canterbury. A lot of people were expected to attend, so we provided speakers for outside so everyone could hear the service. We also recorded the service, for the friends and family that could not make the service on the day. The recording was sent to the family via the internet on the same day.


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