PMR446 Licence Free

PMR446 Licence Free

PMR446 (Private Mobile Radio) is the short range radio system that does not require a licence to operate and is available for use in most countries within the European Union. It has 8 channels, each with a selection of tones, making it more private. This means another user can use the same channel but with another tone activated.

The range is around half a mile to a mile - ideal for covering a fete plus the car parking, and also for indoor use

The radios available on 446 MHz, such as the Icom models, are ideal for business use and we have a selection of PMR446 radios available for hire. We have available the new ICOM Digital range, which we have been supplying for the last few months

A local school has purchased some for keeping in touch around the school site.

Customer Comment:

Very simple and straight forward to use. Great build quality and tough in a school setting. Staff were able to use them straight out the box.



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