Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you travel to?

We are based in Folkestone in Kent and supply equipment for hire in the Kent area and also parts of East Sussex.

We do not have the expertise to set up the equipment. Can you help?

Yes, the most popular service offered includes one of our technicians to set up the equipment and remain at your event in case of any problems. We can also operate the equipment for you. At the end, we will dismantle and take away our equipment leaving you to focus on your event. Leave the technical side to us.

Our training material is done with Powerpoint, will your PC have this?

Yes, our laptop PC comes with Windows, along with the Microsoft Office package (Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel) but this will also work with Open Office files saved in Microsoft file formats.

I am not sure which microphones we need to hire. Can you help?

Yes, we have a large stock of microphones for hire. Some are wireless (radio microphones) and others are cabled.  We have lectern microphones, as well as conference microphones for up to 25 people. Please contact us for advice

We are often asked: "A friend has said we need a 400w system".

This is often not the case. Each event is different and we tailor the equipment required specifically to your needs. If you are planning an event, please email us as much information as possible so we can ensure the right solution is provided for you.

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