Radio Installation Case Studes

Radio Installation Case Studes

Local School in Kent radio solution

A small Primary School in Kent were looking for a Radio solution for the school grounds, so the main office could keep in touch with senior staff so they could respond to incidents around the school quickly and easily.

It was found after a site Survey that the ICOM IC-F29SR was the most suitable radio.

The radio is very easy to use There are just three controls: transmit button, volume control and 16 position rotary channel selector. This simple interface makes it ideal for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is often passed from person to person. These radios are also licence free.

More information about this radio can be found here. If you would like a site survey or quote please contact us.


Local Entertainment venue radio installation

We have just completed an installation at a local entertainment venue, who needed reliable coverage across the building which they have never had before with a very old VHF system they had.

After a detailed site survey, we commisioned a specially designed antenna to cover the building. We installed an ICOM UHF Repeater, complete with battery backup, and supplied ICOM UHF Hand portables and drop in chargers.

We can provide reliable systems to work well in large buildings along with a maintance service.

Please contact us for a site survey and to discuss your requirements





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