CB Radio

CB Radio

CB mobile antenna

CB radio is a system of short-distance radio communications between individuals on a selection of channels. It has been licence-free since December 2006.

We specialise in CB radio, antennas, radios and accessories and can provide a full repair service. We always have a stock of spare radios available whilst your radio is in repair. We have worked on farms, with taxi companies, 4x4 off-road groups and many other businesses and organisations in Kent.

CB Radio on a Farm

CB radio can be the ideal communications tool for farmers and contractors to keep in touch over several miles from mobile to mobile, and up to 10 miles mobile back to a base station. Local terrain, weather and antennas used will all affect the range but we can provide advice to ensure the equipment is best suited to your needs. We have a vast experience installing CB radio on farms and can provide you with the equipment you will need.

Communications on the move

CB radio is ideal for vehicle-to-vehicle communications. If you are off on a caravan trip with friends, it is easy to keep in touch with no call charges! One can typically you can communicate with each other over around 5 miles.

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